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2, rue Le Carpentier
50400 Granville
telephone+33 (0) 2 33 50 44 10
fax+33 (0) 2 33 50 36 33


Granville Art and History Museum
Curator : Michèle Chartrain
Arts and folklore / Textile and costumes / History / Sea and seashore

musée de France

Historical building and site: Housed in the “Logis du Roi” (the king's home), above the Great Door with its drawbridge granting access to the old fortified town, the Museum of Old-Granville constitutes, along with the Jardin du cavalier de l'oeuvre, an important historical and architectural whole, inserted into the walls dominating the docks and the harbour.

Normand ethnographic collections: Headgears, costumes, jewellery evoke 19th-century Normandy: silk or drugget clothes, great headgears each marking the origin of a different town, bonnettes (country woman hat), capes, blaudes (overall)... A fully furnished room adorned with a great chimney brings an ancient abode's charm to the museum and sets off the specificities of Granvillais furniture.

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evenementVisite du musée du Vieux Granville

Les groupes adultes peuvent bénéficier d'une visite guidée à partir de 10 personnes.

• 1 € par personne.

Opening hours:
Toute l'année (durée 1 heure).
On reservation