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Route de l'Abbaye
50450 Hambye
telephone+33 (0)2 33 61 76 92
fax+33 (0)2 33 61 99 91


Hambye Abbey
Manager: Sébastien Gaudron
Abbaye de Hambye
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Architecture and housing / History

Abbaye de Hambye

Founded in the 12th century on the shores of the Sienne River, Haby Abbey housed Benedictine monks until the late 13th century. From the start the abbey enjoyed great success thanks to numerous donations, which allowed the community to acquire new grounds, and develop their various sources of income. However, as soon as the 14th century it fell into decay and the monastery became national property in 1790 during the revolutionary turmoil. The abbey church is symptomatic of the transition style between roman and gothic. Turned into a quarry in the 19th century, a part of the church disappeared with the cloister. The whole site was listed by the heritage administration (Monuments historiques) in the early 20th century. The conventual buildings were bought in 1956 by the Beck family, and are now renovated and opened to the public (guided tours). The pottery, the abbey church and the laymen's house belong to the Conseil Général of Manche since 1964. They are surrounded by some 40 hectares of pasture, woods and lands, which are preserved as delicate natural spaces and run by the Département.

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evenementVisite guidée de l'abbaye de Hambye

Remontez le temps en compagnie d'un guide pour une visite approfondie permettant de comprendre l'histoire du site, soon architecture et son organisation depuis sa fondation jusqu'aux récents travaux de restauration.

Découverte de l'enclos abbatial avec l'église et les bâtiments monastiques privés (logis des moines : scriptorium, parloir, salle capitulaire et ses fresques, sacristie, la cuisine et les bâtiments agricoles).

Départ de visite guidée à heures fixes. Sur réservation pour les groupes.

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