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15, rue Mondrel
61190 Tourouvre
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Shops and Brands Museum
Manager: Anne-Claire Fillâtre
Musée des Commerces et des Marques
Domestic life

Musée des Commerces et des MarquesThrough a long period of inventory, the «Marzorati» collection, previously exposed in Lignerolles, has been studied with precision. It is mostly a collection of advertising items for brands and retail trade. Most of them are the testimony of a bygone age: from the end of the 19th century to the emergence of the consumer society in the 50's. Mr Marzorati's will was, through those items, to keep record of this era of specialized and convenience stores in rural areas... The exhibition recounts this evolution in three steps: • Retail stores in rural areas, at the late 19th-early 20th centuriesModern times: emergence of chain stores and department stores, appearance of trademarks, the expansion of advertising • Contemporary times (from the post-war years until today): the evolution of the society, the distribution methods and the brands, the golden years of advertising... Each floor is dedicated to one of these times. The exhibition shows the evolution of the entire French society and specifically the Norman rural society, through changes in trade, brands and advertising from 1880 until today. It regularly focuses attention on local trademarks, companies or stores.

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