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Le Bourg
50670 Saint-Michel-de-Montjoie
telephone+33 (0)2 33 59 02 22 / +33 (0)7 61 13 40 64
fax+33 (0)


Granite Park-Museum
Manager: Laëtitia Lhermelin
Parc-Musée du Granit
Arts and folklore / History / Industry / Mines and quarries / Science and technology

musée de France

In the heart of the granite massif stretching from Carolles to Vire, the last foothills of Armorican massif, Saint Michel de Montjoie remains the most active extraction site of South Manche's granite basin known as “Bleu de Vire”. The heydays of the quarries of Saint Michel de Montjoie dates back to the 1930s; when some hundred quarries of all sizes were spread around the town's territory. The Granite Museum is meant to safe keep the memory and this know how of old that the elders like to revive on occasion, particularly with the European Heritage Day. The discovery of the major pieces of the sculpture trail from now on is done thanks to a set of labels describing the origin and the meaning of the sculptures: architectural elements, funerary monument, agrarian equipment, road and track markers.  A new shopping space allows to find out on activities linked with the exploitation and the cutting of stones.

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